Prevent DoS attacks from occuring in various ways.

  • Limiting the number of queries/second from a particular ip address. Once the limit is reached, you can send a redirect to a cached error page to limit any further processing. You might also be able to get these IP address firewalled so that you don't have to process their requests at all. Limiting requests per IP address wont work very well though if the attacker forges the source IP address in the packets they are sending.

PHP Code to reduce ddos attack

 Although I don't rely on PHP for this, it could be implemented but needs to consider all these possiblities or more;


FortGuard DDos Monitor & FortGuard Anti-DDoS firewall upgraded

FortGuard DDos Monitor updated to v1.3

(1) Strengthened the ability of capturing attacking packets, improved monitoring efficiency.

(2) GUI improved.

FortGuard Anti-DDoS firewall upgraded to v2.2 Build 90325

(1) Enhanced the identification ablility of attacking IPs.
(2) Some of the new attacking characteristic codes were added.
(3) GUI improved.