FortGuard DDos Monitor & FortGuard Anti-DDoS firewall upgraded

FortGuard DDos Monitor updated to v1.3

(1) Strengthened the ability of capturing attacking packets, improved monitoring efficiency.

(2) GUI improved.

FortGuard Anti-DDoS firewall upgraded to v2.2 Build 90325

(1) Enhanced the identification ablility of attacking IPs.
(2) Some of the new attacking characteristic codes were added.
(3) GUI improved.

DDoS attack damaged public civil service for the first time

2009/03/10 By Jang, Dong-joon, Kim, In-soon

Interne attack has caused unprecedented incident in which on line civil service of public agencies suspended for 5 days before restoration. On March 4, the home page of Game Rating Board was attacked by DDoS and became inaccessible at 5:40 P.M...

Mininova Hit By Massive DDoS Attack

  Written by Ernesto on March 07, 2009 

Mininova, one of the leading BitTorrent sites, has been suffering from a massive DDoS attack over the past few days. Originating from a botnet spanning three continents, the attacks vary in strength and are causing the site to be completely inaccessible at times. The Mininova team is working on a solution.

DDoS attacks are not an unusual event for BitTorrent sites, with smaller sites suffering the effects more often than they’d like...