Top 10 Security Nightmares of the Decade

Remember the good old days when you--and your PC--didn't know what botnets, phishing, and malware were? Here's what we learned over the past ten years.Robert Vamosi, PCWorldDec 30, 2009 10:00 amBlame

DDoS Attack on DNS Hits Amazon and Others Briefly

Internet users in Northern California were unable to reach properties including and Amazon Web Services for a time Wednesday evening, as their DNS provider was targeted by a distributed den

Report: FBI investigating Citibank cyberattack

Citigroup denies it, but its Citibank unit was reportedly robbed of tens of millions of dollars, the victim of a cyberattack by members of a Russian criminal gang, says Tuesday's Wall Steet Journal (s

'Iranian Cyber Army' uses DNS hacking to bring down Twitter

Popular microblogging service Twitter went down for several hours on Thursday as hackers claiming to represent the "Iranian Cyber Army" disrupted the site's DNS records and replaced the fron

7/7 DDoS: This Year’s Most Malicious Cyberattack

It has been indicated that 2009's most malicious cyberattack is the 7/7 DDoS cyber attack. In the 7/7 DDoS cyber attack, unknown hackers were able to mass produce zombie PCs without the knowledge of t

Twitter filters malicious weblinks

Author: Warwick Ashford Posted: 10:40 04 Aug 2009
Topics: Twitter Twitter has introduced a filter to stop users posting links to malicious websites, security firm F-Secure has revealed in a blog posting.

"Twitter hasn't announced this, but we just noticed that they have now started filtering Tweets that contain links to known malware sites," the blog posting said.


Denial-of-service attack downed Gawker Media

Hackers launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack that sporadically downed popular blog network Gawker Media over the weekend and on Monday, the company confirmed in a blog post early Tuesday morning.

When CNET News spoke to Gawker Media representatives on Monday, they were not yet sure what was causing the outages but had not ruled out malicious behavior.


DDoS Trojan Spread from Domestic Source

Korea IT Times The Global Source for Korean IT Industry NewsTuesday, July 28, 2009What is now being called the 7.7 DDoS Attack, which paralyzed major websites in Korea on July 7, is confirmed to have

AT&T unblocks 4chan after DDoS scare ban

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Kaspersky reveals price list for botnet attacks


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