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Three arms of cyber security being introduced

Singapore: New programmes to boost Singapore's internet security against cyber threats are set to roll out with the target set on the public, private and people sectors.

This includes an Industry Code of Practice on infocomm security to be issued late 2010 with specific security controls and expectations outlined to ensure security is in place to deal with both current and emerging cyber threats.

The Code of Practice to be periodically audited by IDA to ensure that ISPs observe the Code that will be incorporated into the telecommunications regulatory framework and aligned with international standards and best practices.

Mr Lui Tuck Yew, Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts revealed this Monday, at the annual Information Security Seminar organised by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Association of Information Security Professionals.

There will also be sharing of infocomm security information among ISPs through IDA coordination so that ISPs and IDA can make make more informed decisions and undertake early steps to cyber threats.

Various measures will also be adopted to protect the public sector infocomm infrastructure from cyber threats such as Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) while end-users will be educated to take personal responsibility in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

This include an effort by the Cyber Security Awareness Alliance and National Crime Prevention Council to develop a ‘Virtual Cyber Security Park’ portal to help students learn about cyber wellness and security via interactive mode such as educational online gaming.

Social networking websites will also be leveraged to promote cyber security along with seminars and outreach events to raise awareness among businesses including the Small and Medium enterprises.

The three programmes under the Infocomm Security Masterplan 2 (MP2) are part of an overall effort to enhance Singapore’s infocomm security preparedness by strengthening different areas of cyber security.

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