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Ubisoft apologizes to users affected by 'always on' DRM

Ubisoft has "apologized" for downtime experienced by legitimate owners of their games that include "always on" DRM by offering free games to those affected.

The publisher first made headlines when it announced the DRM which made it so gamers must be always connected to the Internet, or not be able to play the game. If you are ever disconnected from the Internet (or Ubi's servers go down), you are forced back to the main menu, losing any progress you made between save points.

Hackers took down Ubisoft's servers just a few days after the games became available, by using a DDoS attack, making it so legitimate players could not play their games, while pirates could.

Ubi is now apologizing by giving free games to select users who were still having issues after the servers went back up. Some were offered a full free game, such as Prince of Persia, while others were given free DLC that's normally included in premium editions.

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