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North Korea Stealing IDs for Internet Campaign

Sources inside the South Korean government suspect that North Korea has been stealing the identification numbers of South Korean citizens and employing them to spread doubt about its responsibility for the sinking of the Cheonan.

An official within the intelligence establishment told yesterday, "It is our understanding that the North is using South Korean people's IDs to post messages and create internet opinion that the investigation was a fabrication."

In South Korea, every citizen has an ID card with a number and that ID number is needed in order to register with most websites.

North Korea has a well-documented history of using the internet for various purposes. In one of its largest projects, a DDoS attack on South Korean and U.S. government websites in July, 2009 caused a great deal of disruption, bringing down 26 websites including those of the Blue House (the office of South Korea’s President) and the U.S. State Department.

In that case, the attack was traced to an IP address used by the North Korean Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

In this case, as in the 2009 case, North Korea is unlikely to admit or deny anything. As the president of Open Radio for North Korea Ha Tae Kyung said at that time regarding North Korea's attitude, "North Korea has taken the stance of denying any connection with terror, so it is highly unlikely that it would acknowledge its role in these attacks.”

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